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      I just wanted to open-up the discussion about a meeting that takes place in between the main monthly meetings. I’ve been calling them “interstitial meetings” just to distinguish them from the main ones (which I find more important).

      The point of the interstitial meetings are to provide an opportunity to really dig into Stoic theory. They would involve very close reading and would draw on other philosophical concepts. I imagine it would look similar to an graduate seminar in an academic philosophy department, perhaps asking different members to prepare a presentation in advanced.

      These meetings may also be where we discuss the trajectory of the group as a whole — what readings and discussion topics we should center the meetings around and what other projects we might want to tackle.

      In terms of when and where they will be held, I really would like them to be during the week — a weekday evening. This might make selecting the venue a little more difficult, but I really don’t want to ask dedicated members to take up TWO Saturdays of the month on our group. Regardless, I think they should be held close to downtown.

      What are your thoughts? Let me know.

      – Justin K.

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