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DISCUSSION FORUMS Epictetus’s Enchiridion Just for Reference (the passages we discussed) …

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      Here are some very sparse “minutes” of the meeting in which we discussed Ch. 29-53.

      Ketrin, Kristin, Mario, Justin D., Randy, and I (Justin K.) were in attendance. We read and discussed nine or ten chapters from the selected reading.

      Specifically, we discussed Ch. 34 and how we should “wait for [pleasure]” instead of giving into them without reflection. We discussed Chs. 46 and 48 and the difference between a “layman” and a “philosopher.” We discussed Ch. 33 quite a bit and about how a Stoic should conduct herself in her career and her social life. We touched on Ch. 32 and the role that God and religious authorities have on our decision-making. We touched on Ch. 30 and how our particular social roles should dictate what appropriate action are. We discussed Ch. 46, which seemed to be one of our favorite chapters; there were different interpretations of it though that fueled some good discussion. We discussed Chs. 42 and 43 and how we could apply the message in those passages to our own lives – especially when we have to deal with difficult people. Finally we discussed Ch. 37 and the importance of choosing our goals and roles wisely; this chapter seemed to compliment Ch. 1.4 nicely.

      If you want to continue the discussion about one of these chapters, please start a new topic in this forum – that way, we can keep things organized.

      – Justin K.

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