• Regular meetings occur every 2ND SATURDAY of the month at 9am
  • Theory meetings occur every 4TH WEDNESDAY of the month at 6pm
  • Special meetings occur sporadically (see below)

COVID-19 DISCLAIMER: Instead of meeting in-person, I am hosting events using Zoom. This is free and easy to use—just RSVP as usual and then follow the invite link in the meeting descriptions on In the meantime, stay healthy, avoid catastrophic thinking, keep in mind the ‘dichotomy of control‘, support your small businesses however you can, and protect our vulnerable population by following city and state guidelines. — Justin K.


When: Saturday, Feb. 13th at 9am (until 11am)

Where: ONLINE VIA ZOOM (RSVP at to access the invite link)

What about:

Note on Translation: We’ll be following the selection of letters found in the the Penguin Classic’s “Letters from a Stoic” trans. Robin Campbell (1969)… You may use that translation, the public domain translation by Gummere (1917/1920/1925), OR any other translation that you prefer.


In terms of preparing for the main discussion, you may…

  • select a passage or two to share and discuss;
  • think of questions to propose (or answer) and/or
  • email me in advance at lastoics[at]gmail[dot]com if you would like to ensure we cover something that you find particularly meaningful.

See you then!

— Justin K.


When: Wednesday, Jan. 27th at 6pm (until 8pm)

Where: ONLINE VIA ZOOM (RSVP at to receive the meeting password)

What about: The January meeting is intended to serve as a bridge between our last reading (Hadot’s The Inner Citadel) and the next reading (Brian E. Johnson’s The Role Ethics of Epictetus). Below, I have included links to public domain versions of the text, but feel free to use your preferred translation. Also below are titles adapted from the Oxford World Classics edition (trans. Robin Hard) of Epicetus’s complete Discourses.

  • Cicero’s On Duties 1.107-121 [here, Cicero presents his theory of “role” (persona in Latin, prosopon in Greek), which is echoed and elaborated upon by Epictetus (see Discourses 1.2)]
  • Discourses 1.1 “About things that are within our power [or, ‘under our control’] and those that are not”
  • Discourses 1.2 “How one may preserve one’s proper character (prosopon) in everything” [especially important to Johnson reading]
  • Discourses 2.9 “That although we are unable to fulfill our human calling, we adopt that of a philosopher” [see also 3.21, 4.8 if time allows]
  • Discourses 2.10 “How may the actions that are appropriate to a person be discovered from the names applied to him?”
  • Discourses 3.2 “What a person must train himself in if he is to make progress; and that we neglect what is most important” [especially important to Hadot reading]
  • Discourses 3.3 “What is the the material that the good person works upon, and what should be the main object of our training?”
  • Discourses 4.4 “To those who have set their hearts upon living at peace”
  • Discourses 4.5 “Against those who are quarrelsome and brutal”

In terms of preparing, you should read as much as you can (though you don’t need to do the entire reading to get something out of these meetings!). At the very least, …

  • select a few passages to share and discuss;
  • think of questions to propose (or answer) and/OR
  • email me in advance (lastoics[at]gmail[dot]com) if you would like to ensure we cover something that you find particularly meaningful.

See you then!

— Justin K.


When: TBD

Where: TBD

What about: TBD

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  1. Good day,

    My name is David and I would love to attend your stoicism meetings and other philosophy topics. I am developing a growth in the subject and would like partake in ideas sharing meetings as yours. Looking forward your response.

    Thank you.

    David luboya says:
    1. David: All you need to do is show up and be receptive to discussion. If possible, please use to RSVP. That helps me prep the meeting space. If you have further questions, email me at lastoics[at]gmail[dot]com. — Justin K.

      losangelesstoics says:

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