Prep for Tomorrow’s Meeting


This message is for those who are attending tomorrow’s meeting (Jan. 12th).

We’ll spend the meeting taking turns reading out loud selected passages from Epictetus’s Enchiridion Ch. 29-53 (NOTE: don’t confuse this with his “Discourses”). After reading one passage, the person who selected it should share a few thoughts with the group, after which we’ll open it up to further discussion.

Just two reminders:

  1. please select at least one passage to share, preferably two or three — they can be inspirational or provocative or perplexing.
  2. I will select a couple themes that can potentially unify our discussions, but please email me in advanced (TODAY!) if you have any questions or topics that you would like to explore.

If I remember correctly, last meeting included some concerns about A) the tension between Stoicism and societal norms and B) the apparent contradiction between Stoic belief in a deterministic universe and the Stoic importance of choice. I can’t remember our discussion clearly (perhaps we need someone to take notes for everyone!) so please email me if you want to return to these concerns.

Feel free to bring up topics and readings that are related to Epictetus and the Enchiridion, but let’s make sure to always bring the conversation back to Stoicism and how we can apply its insights to our daily lives.

See you all tomorrow morning!

P.S. I plan to host a separate meeting in a week or two about our next reading. Feel free to email me about that if you have ideas.

Justin K.


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