New Reading, New Meeting(?)

Hello LA Stoics

It has been decided that the Feb. 9th meeting will hit off discussions on Massimo Pigliucci’s How to Be a Stoics. We will be begin with Ch. 1 and 2 along with the Appendix. See the details on the Meeting page and RSVP at the invite page if you have an account there. Otherwise, email me as a courtesy so that I know how many to expect. Also, feel free to email me if you would like a PDF of the reading while you await your order of the book or if you are just strapped for cash.

In related new, I got a sense that some members were disappointed that we were not going more deeply into Stoic theory (though I think we all appreciate the important of practice). I whole-heartedly agree with this sentiment, so I want to start discussing a SECOND theory-based sub-group that meets in between the main meetings. Please email me if you would like to participate in this discussion.

The theory-based meetings might get quite challenging in our investigation into — not only Stoic ethics — but of Stoic logic/epistemology and Stoic physics/metaphysics. I expect the inaugural session will be held on a weekday evening sometime between Feb. 20th and 27th. It will probably begin with readings on Greek Stoic logic or physics depending on the interests of the group.

In Sum, …

  1. RSVP to the Feb. 9th meeting
  2. Email me if you need the Pigliucci reading, and
  3. Email me if you would like to participate in discussions about a theory-based sub-group.

— Justin K.


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