July is the “Month of Practice”

Hi All

Though you may not be aware (I guess it’s part of my job to inform you), July is the Stoic “Month of Practice” according to The Stoic Fellowship… See the official flyer HERE.

This means that the L.A. Stoics should host an event that centers around ‘practicing what we preach’ so-to-speak. In other words, we should have a meeting dedicated to applying Stoic insights to our daily lives.

I have decided to take this opportunity and do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while: go on a philosophical hike!

The L.A. Stoics will be hosting a hike/walk on July 20th at 9am (until 11am). SEE MORE DETAILS AT OUR MEETINGS PAGE… In brief, we will meet at the corner of N. Broadway Ave. & Casanova St. (maybe 30 min. walk from the Chinatown Gold Line station) and then walk to and back from Elysian Park. The hike itself should take around 90 min.

What will we talk about on the hike? We have a few options. We can talk about how to apply Stoicism on the go; the Stoic notion of “nature;” and perhaps what some Stoics say about physical exercise (Musonius Rufus may be relevant here).

We can also draw on a handbook of sorts that I made for The Stoic Fellowship: you can check it out HERE

The handbook is similar to the list provided by Massimo Pigliucci and Greg Lopez in How to Be a Stoic and in their co-authored Handbook for New Stoics. The difference is that the exercises in my handbook are geared towards groups. It might be helpful to select a few group exercises here and to try them out on the hike. If we like them, we can integrate some of the exercises in our regular meetings.

Comment below or else bring questions/comments to the next regular meeting on July 13th.

Take care.

Justin K.


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