January 2020 Meetings

Hello fellow Cosmopolites

Just a quick announcement for the Los Angeles Stoics meetings for this month. There are three events:

  1. Regular Meeting on Jan. 11th (10am-12pm) at Bicycle Coffee in Little Tokyo
  2. Special Meeting on Jan. 18th (9am-11am) – a hike through Elysian Park
  3. Theory Meeting on Jan. 22nd (7pm-9pm) at HomeState in Highland Park


The Regular Meeting is on How to Think Like a Roman Emperor (2019) by Donald Robertson. Specifically, we’re set to discuss Ch. 6 and 7. Don’t fret if you haven’t done any of the reading – I find that people have an intuitive grasp of the important ideas in Stoicism. If you don’t do the reading, we can still have a thoughtful conversation about the ideas themselves and how they might relate to our own lived experiences. The reading just helps us flesh out the details and articulate some of the more difficult points, so I’ll try to provide a handout that outlines the chapters.

The Special Meeting is just a 3-4 miles hike through Elysian Park. We’ll meet (and end) at Counterpart Deli on Echo Park Ave. and then walk up Scott Ave. until we hit the ‘Elysian Park Trail’. I may provide a handout full of quotations from Stoics on Nature etc. but the priority is to just be present and enjoy the walk. Note that we will get together and walk through the park RAIN OR SHINE. Bring a jacket if rain is in the forecast.

The Theory Meeting is on Stoicism and Emotion (2007) by Margaret Graver. Specifically, we’re set to discuss Ch. 5. Again, don’t fret if you haven’t done the reading. The discussions in the book are a bit more technical than those in the regular meeting, but I find that it helps immensely to have someone with fresh eyes to provide their thoughts on the topics we’re tackling. Again, I’ll try to provide a helpful handout for everyone.

Hope to see you all at one or more meetings!!

— Justin K.


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