Commemorating Socrates 2020

Hello all

On top of our regular meetings, there are other events that usually happen in Spring.

  • The whole of April is The Stoic Fellowship’s “Month of Service” where groups are encouraged to do community service.
  • April 26th is the birthday of Marcus Aurelius (121 CE)
  • April 26th is also the birthday of The Stoic Fellowship itself (2017 CE).

I had to postpone our service event, so I wanted to plan something else. What I want to start commemorating this year are two very important events that happened in 399 BCE:

  • On April 25th, Socrates was put on trial and found guilty of religious impiety and political subversion
  • For thirty days, he sat in a prison cell waiting for his execution date
  • On May 25th, he died from consuming a hemlock concoction at sunset

I will shortly schedule a couple [online] meetings that correspond to these dates (RSVP at our Meetup site). For an hour or two we can discuss Socrates, how he conducted himself during the last days of his life, and how he can serve as a role model for aspiring Stoics.

I will have a handout for us to use, but attendees can also read works by Plato, Xenophon, and even Aristophanes that will be helpful for context. I collected all these texts on a new page a made here: … Regardless of whether you attend the meetings I would recommend that folks read at least Plato’s “Apology.” If you don’t have time, then Xenophon’s “Apology” is short and sweet.

Stay tuned.

—Justin K.

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