Announcing Stoicon-X Los Angeles

Hello everyone

This is just a brief announcement for those registered to the Los Angeles Stoics website blog.

The L.A. Stoics will be hosting a mini-conference called “Stoicon-X Los Angeles” on Oct. 10th

At the moment, we are in need of some speakers to come and participate in this event. Since it will be hosted online this year, I am confident that we can find speakers from all over the country who wouldn’t mind jumping on a Zoom call and giving their talk. BUT, I would like to cull from the local community first.

Here is the dedicated page on our website:

And here is a “Call for Presentations” that specifies some criteria for speakers/presentations

If you’re just interested in attending, please keep an eye on our official website and also our Meetup site (where folks will be able to RSVP). Despite the constraints of online video conferencing, I think it will be a fun event.

—Justin K.


2 responses to “Announcing Stoicon-X Los Angeles”

  1. There are, it should be pointed out, some clear guidelines for what can count as and call itself a Stoicon-X event. This year, Modern Stoicism will be expecting local Stoic communities who wish to host a Stoicon-X event, and to bill themselves as such, to sign an agreement with Modern Stoicism. This will ensure that those events will be done for the public interest rather than for profit, and that certain standards will be met.

    1. losangelesstoics Avatar

      Yes, I’m in communication with folks from TSF and Modern Stoicism to ensure that everything is on the level. And it’s important to point out that “Stoicon” and “Stoicon-X” are registered trademarks of Modern Stoicism. Anyone who is interested in holding their own event should be aware of that. – Justin K.

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