New Date and Preliminary Schedule for STOICON-X Los Angeles

Hello everyone

This is just another brief announcement for those registered to the Los Angeles Stoics website blog.

The L.A. Stoics will be hosting a mini-conference called “Stoicon-X Los Angeles” on Saturday, November 14th at 10:00am until 2:00pm

Find more information on at and RSVP on our Meetup site.

Despite the constraints of online video conferencing, I think it will be a fun event. The schedule and program will be finalized in October, but here is the list of speakers:

  • Greg Lopez (co-founder, The Stoic Fellowship)
  • Matt Gomez (member/facilitator, Los Angeles Stoics)
  • Juan Torres (member/facilitator, Los Angeles Stoics)
  • Quinnie Lin (member, Los Angeles Stoics)
  • Lillian Doyle (member, Los Angeles Stoics)
  • Corey Moore (member, Los Angeles Stoics)
  • Justin Kitchen (lead facilitator, Los Angeles Stoics)

Most of the talks will be on topics of the speaker’s choosing and may include Q&A sessions. So far, Lillian plans to recite her Stoic-inspired poetry with musical accompaniment. I will be hosting an interactive workshop on Stoic practice for everyday living. And Greg Lopez will cap the event off as the special guest speaker.

I’ll keep on making announcements here, but please feel free to spread the word!

—Justin K.


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