A Stoic Call to Action: Save our Seniors

Though Stoicism is often packaged nowadays as a personal practice meant to help individuals with their personal hangups, we must remember that Stoicism is fundamentally cosmopolitan. We Stoics recognize that all people are citizens of larger communities and this fact means we must respond to the needs of others. Prudently and courageously trying to help others is justice, while doing nothing is injustice.

There is something going on in Los Angeles that is prompting some members of the L.A. Stoics to act. I am passing on the following info and suggestions should you want to support the cause. (Please note that this is a state-wide issue despite this article focusing on Los Angeles)

Elderly Asians are being evicted at Sakura Gardens in Boyle Heights. Pacifica Companies announced plans to begin “transferring” (i.e., evicting) residents out of the Sakura Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) beginning March 1, 2021.

Here are some things you can do now to help:

  1. Share the Save Our Seniors (SOS) web page address to promote the SOS website and get people to watch the AMAZING, six-minute segment aired on KTLA 5 with actress Tamlyn Tomita and longtime Boyle Heights activist, Carlos Montes. Copy and paste it on emails, type it as a text message to family and friends:  https://saveourseniors.network/
  2. Read about Assembly Bill 279 (AB279), which if passed, would make it ILLEGAL for Pacifica Companies to evict our seniors out of any of the facilities during the pandemic. It is probably because of the threat of the passage of this legislation that Pacifica is now aggressively trying to empty the ICF before such legislation becomes law.  Share this link and ask people to tell their legislators to pass this law as soon as possible:  https://saveourseniors.network/ab279-fact-sheet-protect-seniors-during-the-pandemic/ 
  3. Watch and share videos from the SOS YouTube Channel:  http://bit.ly/3kuxndm

PLEASE ACT TODAY (they are planning to evict seniors starting tomorrow). In short, if you have a moderate social media presence, pass this along. Regardless, contact your Assembly Member (calling is best), show your support for AB279, and thank them if they are already advocating for this cause.


—Justin K. (L.A. Stoics Facilitator)


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