Stoicon-X L.A. in FIVE DAYS

Hello all!

Stoicon-X Los Angeles 2021 is happening in FIVE DAYS on Saturday, Nov. 13th starting at 10am and going until 2pm. Save the date/time and make sure to register through our Zoom account at the Stoicon-X L.A. webpage.

Here is the program. Note that our GUEST SPEAKER, Kai Whiting will be starting his talk at 1pm.

10:00-10:10am: Welcome/Introductory Remarks (Justin Kitchen)

10:10am-1:00pm: Member Speakers
– “The Notion of Freedom in Stoic Philosophy” by Justin Kitchen
– “Cognitive Reframing (The goal is excellence of character)” by Jimmy Thrasher
– “Stoic Prayer: A spiritual practice” by Luis Monzo
– “Thriving in an Outcome-Driven World” by David Lipschutz
– “The Intersection of Fate and Cosmopolitanism” by Megan Walls
– “Circles of Concern” by Santara Gonzales

1:00-1:30pm: Guest Speaker
“Stoicism and Artificial Intelligence” by Kai Whiting [co-author of Being Better (2021)]

1:30-2:00pm: Concluding remarks, goodbyes, and social time

Each talk will last for 8-20 min. and then followed by a Q&A and discussion session. Most of the talks will be recorded, but the Q&A sessions will not be (which can be quite interesting!) so please try to attend as many as possible and invite your friends to register as well. There is no cost for attendance.

Justin K. (L.A. Stoics Facilitator)


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