The best way to reach out to me is by emailing

“Why should I contact you?” you may say. Well, as a practicing Stoic (and a human being), I think it’s healthy to be open and engaged with my community—especially if I can do some good. I’m happy to respond to questions of all sorts.

Any requests for interviews or panel discussions will be granted as long as the focus is on Stoic philosophy or the L.A. Stoics rather than myself (Justin).

If any organization would like to collaborate on issues of philosophy, mental health/wellness, self-improvement, moral development, character education, or whatever, I want to hear them. I think philosophy and psychology can only be of benefit by using an interdisciplinary approach.

A Little About the Facilitator

I was born and raised in Riverside, CA. I went to school and then lived in Berkeley/San Francisco. Now I live in East Los Angeles. I have a BA in ‘Philosophy and Religion’ and an MA in ‘Philosophy’. My academic study was very eclectic, but ultimately focusing on ethics (Virtue Ethics, Metaethics, and Virtue Epistemology) and religious philosophy (Comparative Religious Study, Indian Philosophy). My NON-academic study has, of course, focused on Stoic philosophy and also moral development/character education more broadly. I think there’s some good work to be done in culling the wisdom of ancient thought and interpreting it for everyday people. I committed myself to actually practicing Stoicism in 2018, the same year I founded the Los Angeles Stoics.

Justin K. (L.A. Stoics Facilitator)