Projects/Special Events

The following events are at different stages of development.

Stoicon-X Los Angeles

  • Stoicon-X L.A. 2021 CFP [June]
  • Stoicon-X L.A. 2021 Proposals Accepted [June-October]
  • Stoicon-X L.A. 2021 Agenda Set [September]
  • Stoicon-X L.A. 2021 Final Drafts Submitted [October]
  • Stoicon-X L.A. 2021 Event [November]

Service Events

  • Blood Bank Service
  • Food Bank Service
  • Trash pickup

Symposiums on Special Topics

  • ‘End-of-Life Decision-Making’ Symposium (with members, Matt & Justin) [June]
  • ‘Family Relations’ Symposium (with member, Luis) [July or August]
  • ‘Diet & Exercise’ Symposium (with member, Kiko) [July or August]
  • Being Better book club (with author, Kai Whitting) [May]

Patreon Blog Entries

  • Stoicism and Indian Philosophy [series]
  • Stoicism in Los Angeles
  • Stoicism and Pop Culture [series]
  • Stoicism and Political Activism
  • Stoicism and Voting
  • Stoicism and Public Health Policy
  • Stoicism and Environmental Ethics

Pie in the Sky

  • Brick-and-Mortar Stoa