Stoicon-X Los Angeles

Event Details

Stoicon-X Los Angeles is a mini-conference held in Los Angeles in the spirit of (and in collaboration with) Modern Stoicism’s larger Stoicon event. Both conferences are held in order to discuss Stoic philosophy and its application to everyday challenges of modern living.

Stoicon-X Los Angeles 2021

Program (more details to come!)

10:00am-10:10am (10 min.): Welcome/Introductory Remarks (Justin)
10:10am-10:40am (30 min.): Juan
10:30-10:50am (20 min.): Jimmy
10:50-11:20am (30 min.): David
11:20-11:40am (20 min.): Luis
11:40am-12:10pm (30 min.): Megan
12:10-12:40pm (30 min.): Santara
12:40pm-1:00pm (20 min.): Justin
1:00pm-1:30pm (30 min.): Kai Whiting [co-author of Being Better (2021)]
1:30pm-1:40pm (10 min.): Concluding remarks
1:40-2:00pm (20 min.): Goodbyes and social time

Stoicon-X 2020 Talks

The following videos are recordings from the Stoicon-X Los Angeles 2020 event. All speakers except our guest-speaker (Greg Lopez) are members of the local Los Angeles Stoics group.

[ Due to public health concerns over the global pandemic, this event took place as a virtual online conference through Zoom. ]

“Meeting People Where They Are” (Corey Moore)

“The Stoic Position on Fate” (Juan Torres)

“How Two Phrases Changed My Entire Life Perception”(Kiko Suura)

“Stoic Tragedy: Medea and Anger” (Matt Gomez)

“Consolation of Philosophy” [a poetry reading] (Lillian Doyle)

“After A Handbook for New Stoics“(Greg Lopez, co-founder of The Stoic Fellowship)